Infraction Expungement

Having a clean public or criminal record is essential today since anyone with a computer and few dollars can conduct a background check on you. Nearly 80% of all employers use any one of numerous web sites that will check criminal databases for misdemeanor, felony end even infractions. Arrests also appear on these sites and databases even if you were never charged or the charges were dismissed.

Because of liability and security concerns, a landlord or employer will hesitate to hire you or rent you an apartment or house if you have any hint of a criminal disposition or used poor judgment that led to your being charged. For these reasons, discuss your infraction or criminal conviction with an attorney from the Expungement Law Group about expungement and the relief it offers.

What is an Infraction?

An infraction is not considered a crime and you face no jail time if you plead to one. Examples of infractions are moving violations such as speeding or an unsafe lane change. Petty theft can be an infraction as can be disturbing the peace. Prosecutors in some cases have the option or discretion in charging you with a misdemeanor or an infraction. If you are charged with an infraction, you are only obligated to pay a fine and generally but not always, probation is not imposed. If you do not know if your offense was charged as an infraction, contact an expungement lawyer from our office.

Can I Have an Infraction Expunged?

Anyone can have an infraction expunged but you do have to meet the following conditions:

  • You completed all terms and conditions of probation, if imposed
  • If no probation was ordered, you must wait one year from the date of your sentencing
  • You have no criminal charges pending
  • You are not currently on parole

If you were unsure of your sentencing or sentencing date or do have charges pending, call one of our expungement attorneys.

What is the Effect of Having My Infraction Expunged?

Since infractions are not considered criminal in nature, having it expunged from your record offers you certain benefits not accorded if your expunged offense was a misdemeanor or felony. Once your infraction is expunged, you can state under oath that you have never been convicted of any charges on any employment application, regardless if it is the government, military or any other employer. You are not barred from running for public office or from contracting with the California State Lottery Commission, unlike an expunged felony.

How Do I Obtain an Expungement?

Call an expungement lawyer from our office to discuss the process. We will obtain your court records containing your plea and sentence and complete a 1203.4 petition. It will be filed in the court where you entered your plea and served on the district attorney and probation department if you did have to serve on probation. A court date is set for a few months in advance depending on the court and it is unlikely you will have to make an appearance. Once the expungement order is signed, an expungement lawyer from our office will see that the major criminal databases and private ones make the necessary changes so that your infraction is no longer a matter of public record.

An expungement is a vital tool for anyone to utilize if they have an infraction on their public or criminal record. Talk to an expungement attorney about the relief it offers you and what opportunities are now available to you. Call the Expungement Law Group today about how we can assist you in getting your record wiped clean.




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